Chattahoochee River Fishing Report

The river continues to fish good. The bwo’s (blue winged olives) have been heavy the past few days. They have been keyed in on bwo dries or emergers and sometimes both at certain times during the day. We are talking small bwo’s in sizes 22-24. The key to catching these fish during the bwo hatch is to learn how to distinguish between dries on top and emergers just under the surface. Take the time to sit and watch how they are feeding. A lot of times people make the mistake that they are feeding on top when they are actually feeding just under the surface in the film. If you are seeing surface rings or heads barely breaking the surface chances are they are taking emergers. A good setup to have when trying to determine this would be a dry-dropper (dry up top with an emerger dropped below). Other than bwo rigs we are still picking up fish on the standard patterns (prince 12-16, hares ears 12-16, and dark stonefly patterns 8-12). The streamer fishing also continues to be the top producer with the browns.